Spring Fashion Trends For 2019

Spring is the perfect time to refresh your wardrobe and bring back the fun in your everyday routine. Linen curtains flutter instead of hanging, the pigeon on the window sill changes from a potential enemy to a potential friend, and even your ordinary wardrobe sparks new interest. That mini skirt buried in the back of your closet suddenly seems like a great option. It is also the perfect time to clean out unnecessary items and rediscover old favorites. Many of the spring fashion trends this year have their origins in previous decades. You’ll see styles from the ’90s and early 2000s making a comeback.

All-white outfits

All-white outfits are a simple and classic way to wear all-white clothes this spring and summer. They look chic, clean and cool and will work for any occasion. The key to a great all-white outfit is to choose pieces that have different textures and shapes. You may choose to add a graphic t-shirt or polka-dot top to add interest and purpose to your all-white ensemble.

Whether you’re wearing a dress or skirt in all-white, an all-white outfit will add a splash of color to your spring wardrobe. White works well with neutral colors and can be dressed up or down by wearing a few layers. This outfit will also be perfect for summer festivals and beach days.

Quilted jackets

Quilted jackets have been making a big comeback over the past few years, and with good reason. They’re cozy, comfortable, and stylish. Plus, they’re a great choice for transitional weather, as they’re as hard-wearing as winter outerwear but are not bulky enough to obstruct movement.

These versatile cover-ups look great with jeans, T-shirts, and summer floral dresses. They can even be worn over sweatshirts or leggings. No matter what kind of occasion you’re celebrating this spring, there’s a quilted cover-up for you.

Minimalist bras

For the spring fashion season, minimalist bras are all the rage. Not only are they comfortable, but they are also stylish. They can be worn under a blazer, over a T-shirt, and even as a standalone piece. There are many styles to choose from.

Grass green

Grass green is one of the trendiest colors for spring 2019. This color is associated with nature and growth and has become a hot favorite among fashion designers. Its soothing effect can bring a sense of tranquility. The bright green will also grab attention from anyone who enters a room. This spring color can be worn with a crisp blazer, bucket hat, and slingback sandals for a refreshing look.

Grass green is a color that is both familiar and surreal. This color is the exact opposite of pink or orange. It is the color of grass and topiary. It is controlled nostalgia and surreal and can transform even the most ordinary object into an instant hit.

Minimalist bags

Minimalist bags are an excellent way to express your style without spending a fortune. These handbags can be found in many shapes, sizes, colors, and materials. Aside from being stylish and functional, they are also eco-friendly. For example, the Aday Off-Grid Tote is made of 100% recycled polyester. It features three different-sized exterior pockets and four interior compartments. The crossbody strap is adjustable, making it the perfect everyday bag.

You can find a bag in a variety of colors, including bright yellow and olive green. If you want to stay eco-friendly, you may consider purchasing a vegan leather tote. This stylish bag is made from non-toxic, PVC-free materials and is handcrafted in South Korea. You can purchase it with confidence knowing it is certified by PETA.

Twee fashion

If you’re looking for a fashion trend that’s perfect for spring, twee fashion is the way to go. This playful, girly style first became popular in the early 2000s, and it has been making a comeback ever since. Twee fashion includes everything from romantic collars to darling miniskirts. Designers like Sandi Liang are particularly good at creating sculptural looks that are just right for twee girls. Other twee fashion pieces include baby tees and shrunken cardigans. And designer Brandon Maxwell hasn’t forgotten the twee style, either.

Vintage clothing is another key trend in twee fashion for spring. You can find twee clothing at rummage sales or even in your attic. You can also use a vintage bag to complete the look.

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